Ozark Mountain Yoga is a trademarked brand located in Springfield, Missouri.



Outside yoga class on Sam's Throne Mountain Table Top climbing area in the Ozark National Forest.


Yoga as a Way of Life

Ozark Mountain Yoga is home base for Bill Lynch. He created the entity as a way to combine his love of yoga and the outdoors with highly accessible recreational opportunities showcasing the beautiful Ozark Mountain region. He coordinates and participates in many activities and events involving other like-minded, healthy living professionals who all strive to help enrich the lives of others through yoga as a way of life. There is a lot going on with yoga in the Ozarks and Ozark Mountain Yoga is continually evolving with the needs of the rapidly growing conscious-living community and embracing the chance to help foster the positive things happening in our area.

Bill maintains a professional, private yoga studio for specialty yoga training and individualized yoga therapy as well as staying active in public studios and events in the Queen city of the Ozarks, Springfield, Missouri. These offerings as well as his advanced teachings and yoga teacher training focus on the wholistic development of the individual, not just the poses. He welcomes people of all ages and abilities wishing to learn how yoga can joyfully become a part of any lifestyle and assist in the personal journey towards better mind and body health. Bill works closely with physical therapists and physicians, and as they increasingly recommend yoga, he is actively involved in providing services to others that help them realize a fuller and brighter future, no matter where they are in their journey of life. He practices and teaches yoga as a highly individualized, accessible, educational journey that is both gratifying and contentfull while fostering personal and community responsiblity, such is the nature of living yoga.

He is always looking for ways to expand Ozark Mountain Yoga and help others realize their goals within the healthy living community. If you have an idea or would like assistance with your retreat, workshop, professional planning or any other event, please feel free to contact Bill for a free consultation. Our area has so many hidden gems in the form of teachers, studios, parks, special skills and products, the list could go on and on. Let's all share in the joy of spreading yoga and healthy living in the Ozarks!



Welcome to Ozark Mountain Yoga


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