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Yoga as a Way of Life

Ozark Mountain Yoga is a unique, welcoming, professional, private and live online yoga studio in Springfield, Missouri created to provide traditional, individualized yoga training and is home base for Bill Lynch, who teaches a multi-disciplinary approach to practice that incorporates techniques and methods from a variety of systems in a highly accessible manner focused on safety, health, growth and overall positive development of the individual.

Ozark Mountain Yoga welcomes people of all ages and abilities wishing to learn how yoga can safely and joyfully help them on their personal journey towards better mind and body health. The specialized, individual attention offered is an excellent way to begin your journey with yoga or deepen a distinctive personal practice in a comfortable, supportive envitonment. The unique approach of incorporating aspects of yoga into daily life as taught at Ozark Mountain Yoga has been recommended by yoga teachers, physical therapists and physicians alike to help many realize a fuller life and brighter future.


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"Yoga is meant to be a joyous experience available to all!"