Yoga Therapy in Springfield MO
The perfect place to begin!
OMY's teachers are trained, and the classes are designed with beginners in mind! There is always time to ask as many questions as you like in a place with people who were all once just where you are today. You are welcomed at the door personally in every class and provided with everything you need. First-timers are shown around while being introduced to basic studio etiquette and other information right away. This is not your average yoga studio. You’ll have a personalized experience and  feel right at home in no time!
We are all just beginners!
Yoga can seem like a complicated concept; or, at the very least, a dizzying array of physical manipulations that turn seemingly happy-looking human beings into happy looking human pretzels. Or even more disconcerting, a stereotype does exist in places where the term yoga is synonymous with hippies, cults, or some kind of archaic spiritual belief that compels one to quit their job, sell their house, and go live in the middle of nowhere. In reality Yoga, at it's root is really nothing more, and nothing less, than harnessing the power of human attention, and using it to benefit the body and mind. It is an approach to life, in the here and now. 
Finding a supportive place in your world where you can nurture your health and wellbeing is important, and for many that place is Ozark Mountain Yoga. Explore the Class Descriptions page and find a class or two that you would like to attend. Then check the Schedule page for times that fit your schedule. Creating an online account or signing up beforehand is not necessary, but just fine if you would like. The Preparing for Class page also has a lot of helpful information. Feel free to call or email any time with any questions you may have, we're grateful for the opportunity to help!
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Enjoy this video featuring OMY founder, Bill Lynch as he guides you through a typical Gentle Yoga sequence that is appropriate for most anyone. Keep in mind that it is almost always better for beginners to learn under an experienced teacher that can guide them safely through the poses and key important topics such as alignment.
A very important point to keep in mind is that there are as many different ways to do a pose as there are people doing them! So do not worry if your body looks differently than anyone else or if it appears they are doing things your not. Also, although Bill is using limited props here, most beginners find bolsters, blankets and other tools very useful in attaining a pose with limited discomfort. OMY is fully stocked with the highest quality props for you to use free of charge and every instructor is highly trained to assist each student in the expression of their individual pose and facilitate a positive, enriching experience.
Don't hesitate, you'll wish in a month you'd have started today! Your health and well-being will be dramatically improved in only a few months by coming to class just two to three times a week. The best decision you can make, and to facilitate your own encouragement for attendance, is by committing to a membership at OMY.


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