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200 / 300 hr. Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Begins January 18th as presented by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh taught by Ravi Singh

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The Universe is looking for dedicated people to heal, uplift, and inspire. This sacred science offers tools to heal yourself & heal the world. Become a a premier instructor of this ultimate body, mind, soul fitness! Ravi Singh (w/45+ yrs. teaching experience) is an internationally celebrated Teacher and Author (with Ana Brett) of 25 DVD’s and a new book.

2019 Training Dates

Jan. 18-20
Feb. 22-24
March 29-31
April 26-28
May 17-19
June 14-16

“The heart of a Teacher has four chambers. One pumps out Wisdom. One blessings. One absorbs negativity. One transforms it.” —Yogi Bhajan

Email completed application to CherylHemmert@gmail.com or request in studio drop off.

 “The highest path is to use your gifts to make a difference.” —Ravi Singh

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for excellence and self-growth. It offers an accessible means whereby people can transform personal suffering into blessings and positive attributes to contend victoriously in life as we know it. The Path of a Spiritual Teacher is a meritorious and noble endeavor. Through the practice and presentation of the ancient science of Kundalini Yoga, you will be a facilitator for the forward evolution of many souls, and help to make the world a better place.

Ana and Ravi are dedicated to helping you discover and express your gifts in your teaching,and your life. This 200 / 300 hr. certification is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, anInternational Organization for Teacher Training Programs. Sessions will be 75% experientialand 25% lecture. Each of these six weekends will include at least 25 “contact” hrs. (of the150 required for certification) with Ana & Ravi. By completing this 200/300 hr. Training youwill be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200/500 hr. certified Teacher. Homework forthis Training will include various lifestyle considerations and a personal Sadhana (SpiritualPractice) which we will ask that you practice each day. Individual modules are also open toyogis who wish to deepen their practice.

Schedule: The 300 hr. Trainees will gather at 9 a.m. on Friday. There will be a break from12:30 - 2 pm and then the 200 and 300 hr. group will meet again from 2 - 5:30 p.m. TheSaturday session will begin at 8 a.m. (mantra walk). We will break at 12:30 and convene again from 2 pm to 5:30 pm. The Sunday session will start at 6 a.m. (morning sadhana) and will continue (with breaks) until 12:30 pm.

Overview of 200 Hour Training

Module One - Self-Initiation - January 18- 20 The Golden Chain • The Art and Science of Spirit Rising • The Myths and Mysteries of Kundalini • Lineage and Kundalini Concepts • Organizing Your Warm-Up Repertoire • Quick Set to Raise the Kundalini • The Stages of Self Growth • Mantra 101• The Bhandas 101 • Do’s & Don’t’s for the Practice of Kundalini Yoga • Laya Yoga • More!

Module Two - Self-Empowerment - February 15 - 17 The Science of Sequence • How Kundalini Yoga Works • Organizing Your Teaching Repertoire • Templates for an Effective Kundalini Yoga Classes • Body Mechanics • Align tobe Divine • Breath Secrets • Ethical Standards for Teachers • The Five Principles ofAlignment • Navel Power • Three Pyramids of Perfection • More!

Module Three - Divine Alignment - March 22 - 24 The Five Principles of Alignment • Mudra 101 • Warrior Workout • Love Your Liver • YogaPhilosophy 101 • History of Kundalini Yoga • Yoga Anatomy • The Eyes Have It • Top TenMeditations in Kundalini Yoga • Conscious Corrections • Teaching Special Groups: Seniors,Athletes, Dancers, Singers, etc. • Anatomy and Physiology • The Yoga Body • Alignment Checklist • Camel Pose and the Five Principles • Foot Notes • Guidance of the Soul • More!

Module Four - The Healing Path - April 26 - 28 Thoughts on Healing • Beginners Cleansing Kriya • Sitali Pranayam • Meditation to HealAll Sickness • Preparing for Healing • Breath Meditation to Heal • Our Wireless Anatomy, •Pranic Body Breath Exercise • Warm-Ups with a Health Focus • Ultimate Pre-Natal Set •Ghost Kriya • Pranayam to Stay Young • Digestive System Tune Up • Healing at a Distance• Healing Circle • Immune Boost Breathing • More!

Module Five - Maps of Consciousness - May 17 - 19 Chakras: Wheels of Life • Keywords for the Chakras • Sex and Sixth Sense • Love & Will •Chakra Super Set • Set for Pelvic Balance • Generating Navel Tapa • Heart of Gold • GreenEnergy of the Heart • The Great Voice • Venus Kriya for Communication • Sky BlueMeditation • The Divine Laws of Inspired Communication • Set to Keep the Chakras Open• Vision Quest • Initiation into Intuition • Tantric Numerology • The Meridians • More!

Module Six - Methods of the Masters - June 14 - 16 Teaching Practicum • Teaching Tips • Shine Like the Star You Are • Short Sets to EnhanceYour Repertoire • Yoga for Seniors • Couples Exercises • “Secret” Meditations • KundaliniYoga Superset • Healing Circle • Teaching Practicum • Empowering Yourself as a Teacher •V for Victory Meditation • Akasha Dhristi Meditation • Vibrate Your Soul • "Last"Meditation • Shushuma Nadi Activation • Yogi Bhajan on Being a Teacher of KundaliniYoga • Meditation to Develop the Mature Elevated Caliber of a Spiritual Teacher •Meditation for Prosperity, Inner Peace • More

Overview of 300 Hour Training

The 300 hr. Training is for those Teachers who have completed a Yoga Alliance 200 hr.certification course in any yoga style, towards becoming a 500 hr

Teacher.Module 1: Siddhis: Gifts of Grace - Siddhis are gifts of grace granted through discipline. Aspirants are warned against the cultivation of these yogic superpowers but in true tantric fashion we Kundalini yogis employ the transgressive to benefit all beings and to fast track our inner and outer growth. In this session we will explore previously unpublished material taught by Yogi Bhajan in 1969-70 to light up the world!

Module 2: Serving the Underserved - Yoga has become a quest for beauty and fabulousness but beyond that hedonistic milieu there is a whole contingent of very deserving souls who are often overlooked. In this session we will learn how to present yoga to physically and mentally challenged people as well as people with mobility issues (more than half the population!). Our motto for this module is service with a smile!

Module 3: Humanology - Many people on the Spiritual Path try to do an end runaround the stick issues in their lives but that approach is not sustainable. This module is all about “feeling work,” and how the drama of our early years continues to inform our present.We will delve into powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques to turn past pain into infinite gain.

Module 4: History and Philosophy - The history of yoga is a process of continual unfolding. Kundalini Yoga is part of the fabric of All Yoga, not just an isolated style that appeared in a vacuum. In this module we will delve into the historic precedents for KundaliniYoga and the ideas that gave rise to the Kundalini Yoga we know and love.

Module 5: Advanced Tantric Numerology - The numerology portion of the 200hr. Training was only the beginning. In this module we will review our initial foray intoTantric Numerology and learn new tricks of the trade as well as 20 additional calculations and much more!

Module 6: Creativity and Consciousness - In this module we will learn how to be yogi wizards and to imbue your teaching with your unique creativity! Included will be yoga nidra, soul journeys, and magic and mystery. In addition to all of above we will engage in group community outreach, mentorship to the 200 hr. Trainees, as well as a personal project that will help you develop those gifts that make you special as a Teacher. It’s akin to“finding your voice” as an artist. And of course we will continue to grow as a group and elevate and celebrate

Registered Yoga School Alliance

Email completed application to CherylHemmert@gmail.com or request in studio drop off.


For more information and application please contact CherylHemmert@gmail.com

Assisting in the Training will be Anand Avtar Kaur, Cheryl Hemmert, Christine Rogers, Jennifer Kilgore and other all-star Teachers from the Ravens Wing Yoga Community

Cost (cash or check):

    • If you pre-pay for the entire training by January 1st the cost will be $2850. This option includes one-year unlimited membership at OMY Studio.

    • From January 1st - January 18th a one time payment will be $2950.

    • Contact us for 300 hour tuition options.

Credit card payments are available and include a 3% processing fee.

Please note that all payments for this training are non-refundable. If you need to miss a weekend you can make it up at a future Ana and Ravi training or event, but to receive credit we require that you let us know in which modules you will be missing before the Training begins. Also, we cannot be responsible for losses due to inclement weather, travel delays, personal issues, or other forms of force majeure. Please consult www.travelguard.com for further protection options. Ana and Ravi info: ravianayoga@aol.com / 1.800.243.9642 / www.raviana.com

For more information contact CherylHemmert@gmail.com 


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