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Ashtanga (Eight Limb) Philosophy within the Yoga Sutra’s of Patanjali
The Ashtanga (Eight Limb) Philosophy Part I Yoga Sutras of Patanjali The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali; was first compiled 1,700[...]
The Importance of a Plant Based Diet
The Importance of a Plant Based Diet Do you think you get enough veggies? Well, you may want to think[...]
Mindful Meditation
Mindful Meditation Meditation and mindfulness go together like peanut butter and jelly – and I bet you can’t resist a[...]
Yoga Therapy and Addiction Recovery
Yoga Therapy and Addiction Recovery The following is a paper that I wrote a while back and although it's somewhat academic in[...]
Yoga and Sleep
Yoga and Sleep In today’s fast moving world, all of us are stressed out because of the competitive situations that[...]
Importance of Conscious Living
Importance of Conscious Living The word “conscious living” means living each moment of life consciously. Everybody in this world has[...]