Studio Teachers

"I went to Mama Jeans to shop and as I was leaving I saw the sign on the front, so I re-parked. I was walked around the front of the building and followed the directions. I know this was divine guidance, as the Studio was open due to just finishing a teacher training intro and someone was still there. The minute I walked into the studio, I was greeted and it felt like home and peace. We moved here 3 yrs ago and I have been to numerous studios around the city and had never felt this feeling before. It was so welcoming and calming and serene. They listened to my story about my past yoga practice, goals and health issues. They showed caring and encouragement to help me get back to where I was in my yoga practice 7 yrs ago, and to continue my goals toward teacher training. They teacher gave me information and education on workshops coming up that will help me. I look forward to, and am excited to re-enter my yoga practice here in your studio; which from a one time visit, instilled a safe, caring, loving and giddy feeling in me. Thank you," ~ Lenisa K. Schneider, LMT, CMCP

Lindy Cronkhite

Lindy Cronkhite, RYT 200

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a Health Science major, I began working as an Exercise Physiologist at St. John Health Club in Tulsa. I then changed careers and moved to Florida, and while there was introduced to yoga for the first time. I continued practicing yoga, but didn't become a serious student until 2010. Not only did it address my physical needs, but provided a certain peace within that helped guide me to live each moment with mindfulness and purpose. Yoga lit the fire of inspiration that propelled me toward finding my true authentic self, and I want to help others to do the same.

Marisa Frazier, CEP, CPT, RYT 200

I value the amazing benefits of mind and body wellness. Since I began placing my health first, both my outlook on life and my overall capabilities have continued to improve. I am able to do more than I ever thought possible, and I love every minute of it. I am just plain happy, and it is a result of finally making my health a priority. I desire to inspire– to lead others to discover the best version of themselves, one class at a time. 

Cindi Aurentz

Christine Moses, RYT 200

Christine's foundational yoga style and individual-focused instruction create a mind body connection for the student and sense of overall well being. Through asanas and breathing techniques the student can both challenge oneself through Iyengar yoga while also healing the body and calming the mind. Her background includes 14 years of Iyengar yoga training and certification as a 200RYT. Prior to yoga Christine studied and instructed ballet for over 20 years.

Emi Gilbert, RYT 200

I started to dabble in various styles of yoga in 2005, taking a few classes here and there as time and money permitted. Each time I started again, I found excuses for not continuing, but I also left with a feeling that there was something more to explore. In 2012 I finally began a consistent practice. In yoga I found not only a great workout, but a release from the build-up of tension from a demanding job, tools to help me through stressful situations, and a source of healing from some of the baggage I had been carrying with me. For maybe the first time in my adult life, I finally began to see the importance of carving out time for myself. I began to let go of the guilt of the cost, of the time spent when I “should be” doing something else, and realized that my own health and well-being were worthy of my time and attention. I particularly fell in love with Baptiste Yoga and its focus on personal empowerment, possibility, self-expression, and community. In 2015, I decided that I was ready to share my practice with others. To complete my RYT-200 training, I attended Level One with Baron Baptiste in June 2015 and Level Two with Paige Elenson in July 2016, both through the Baptiste Institute. In addition, I completed Baptiste Art of Assisting in August 2016 and Advanced Art of Assisting in March 2017, and I am in the process of Baptiste Certification. I have also attended other Baptiste Yoga workshops, as well as classes and workshops with Dylan Werner, Dice Iida-Klein, Patrick Beach, MacKenzie Miller, and Bryan Kest. My classes are deeply inspired by Baptiste Yoga – my hope is that you leave my classes feeling empowered, full of possibility, and connected to your community.  

Stephanie Grant-Doran, RN

Stephanie's love of helping people heal and grow has helped her develop a compassionate and sincere approach to teaching Yoga. "I found yoga in 2007 after I injured my shoulder from a fall on the ice. Like many I went to try to find some relief. Through my practice I have found so much more. I have tried many different styles of yoga and believe there is something for everyone. My practice consists mostly of vinyasa style classes because I enjoy the flow between the asanas (poses). Focusing on the breath with the movement helps to calm my mind. When I am not on my mat, I’m either at home with my husband and our fur-babies or I am busy at work as a RN on the Pulmonary Medical-Surgical Floor at Cox South hospital in Springfield.".

Leslie Smith, RYT 200

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a fighter, a lover, an advocator, a creative, a Brene’ Brown content junkie, a dessert connoisseur, a sleep admirer and a work in progress yogi (and always will be). I grew up “on my own”, taking care of myself and building walls to protect my heart from pain, which end the end resulted in anxiety and depression. I thought I would just figure it out on my own as I had always done, until I began my humbling, life long voyage into the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga over 10 years ago. I have always been athletic and found my way to a local studio to “stay in shape”. I found what I was looking for and so much more! Yoga has opened my heart to be able to see this life as the beautiful symphony of light, love, pain and darkness and accept and embrace each given moment as the gift that it is and I am forever grateful. I knew from day one that someday I would take these teachings out into the world and have been blessed to train at Ozark Mountain Yoga under Bill Lynch and Dustin Turner (much appreciation), have been trained in Mindfulness through Mindful Schools and am a Second Degree Certified Reiki Practitioner. My every day is full of continuing to learn and teach the path of the yogi and I look forward to walking along side you on your yoga path.

Shelby Porter

Shelby Porter, RYT 200

Ive been doing Yoga for years and love how strong and amazing I feel after consistently practicing. I can look back on my progress and see how far I came in different poses. I had already begun teaching yoga to the kids I work with and saw a huge difference in their behaviors and how they viewed themselves (I work at an Emergency Placement Shelter for kids who have been through trauma due to abuse/neglect). Seeing how much they loved it really inspired me to become a yoga teacher! It is truly a focus on inner worth and self-acceptance. We live in an age where bodies are criticized and photo shopped. I refuse to look at my body in any way but positive. If I can spread this message of love and value, then I consider my life well lived.

Jasmine Henderson, RN, RYT 200

Jasmine completed her yoga teacher training at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica. Jasmine is an instructor of Raja Yoga and she supports her students through an organic movement of physical postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). A lover of nature and travel, Jasmine develops a unique theme to each practice creating a special space for students to grow and learn.

Amy Cheng-Whittaker

Amy Cheng-Whittaker, RYT 200

At the age of 25, Amy was shocked and depressed when the doctor diagnosed her with arthritis. At her doctor’s suggestion, she decided to try yoga in an effort to maintain a healthy weight to alleviate her joint pain. Not only did it help with the joint pain, but it also helped improve her mood, self-confidence and self-esteem. It was like finding a treasure chest full of useful tools to live her life again. After experiencing the changes in herself, she was inspired to help others find their treasure chest too. For over 10 years, Amy has been specializing in Bikram Yoga, which is a series of postures that is therapeutic and detoxifying for the entire body. She also teaches Gentle yoga and Yin yoga which leaves students feeling less stressed and more relaxed than when they first arrived. Amy’s philosophy is that breath, form and alignment are the foundations where the healing begins. She encourages you to find your limit while respecting your current physical abilities. Amy enjoys being able to share the yoga experience with all levels of practitioners and seeing the progress they make. Her teacher has a saying: you are "never too late, never too bad, never too old, and never too sick to start over from scratch once again."

Tracy Dennis, RN, E-RYT 500

I originally found yoga looking for a way to heal my body's aches and pains from having four kids, and soon found so much more. Yoga has helped me define who I am, and find strength both physically and mentally that I didn't know I had. As a busy mom and RN, yoga has helped me to find space for myself. Teaching yoga is something that I love, because I hope to help others find their inner strength and space for themselves also. 

Gabrie Weber, RYT 200

I graduated from MSU fall 2017 with a Cell and Molecular Biology degree and a minor in Chemistry. I am in route to becoming a Medical Doctor (MD), where I want to bring holistic medicine into healthcare as a common practice. I hope to expand yoga to be available and accommodable for everyone. I aspire to help people discover health for the body as well as the mind. With an Eastern medical approach to illness and wellness, I want to provide a comprise for individuals living a highly Westernized life style. I will be receiving my Yoga Certification in May 2018. I am an intern at OMY teaching Ashtanga yoga intro and beginner classes. Through Ashtanga yoga one with work flexibility, mindfulness and deep consistent breathing to battle any ailments to reach optimal health. I personally experienced yoga as therapy after I tore my PCL (knee ligament) and had reconstructive replacement surgery. Yoga has provided a non impact way for me to generate strength and balance back into my knee. Shanti!

Kelci Merrick, RYT 200

Kelci is a 200RYT from Ozark, MO.  When she's not on her mat she's loving the mom life with her two boys Amos and Judah.  She enjoys many styles of yoga and likes to keep bringing in new ideas to her teaching.

Lead Trainers

Bill Lynch

Bill Lynch, MEd, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT

Bill has been developing educational programs for over 20 years, has trained with master teacher's in several branches of Yoga and is Director of Education at OMY. His background includes Ashtanga Vinyasa as learned from teacher Richard Freeman, studying classicall Hatha Yoga, and Yoga Therapy. He works closely with the medical community in integration of the therapeutic modalities of Yoga for various conditions and social service projects.

Cindi Aurentz

Dustin Turner, RRT, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT 

Dustin Turner, has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years and found it to be one of the greatest joys in his life. The structure and balance of the Iyengar tradition as learned from teacher Gabriel Halpbern has brought so much healing and joy into his life that he is dedicated to sharing it with others through all levels of class and therapy. Besides being an accomplished Iyengar teacher, Dustin is also a Relax and Renew Trainer through Judith Lasater.


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