“Yoga Teacher Wanted for Remote Surf Beach”

“Yoga Teacher Wanted for Remote Surf Beach”

Yes that’s right. People and companies are advertising for Yoga teachers in exotic locations, on cruise ships and eco-farms all over the world, for real (https://yogatrade.com/). However, for some of us opportunities like this are just not practical as our dharma has us helping others where we are in our lives right now with family, jobs and commitments that don’t allow us to take our flip flops across the beaches of Nicaragua looking for the next kombucha. But that doesn’t mean we should not stop looking for places to share our skill and love of teaching yoga. Yoga teachers have incredible opportunity today to be adventurers of another sort. Healthcare is finally beginning to recognize the benefits of Yoga with more and more doctors prescribing the practice to their patients. With this will come more opportunities in and around the healthcare industry, with many niches yet to be discovered. Teachers will begin developing and leading school programs, corporate and non-profit initiatives more and more. Not to mention the impact of the internet, new learning platforms and classes, which by the way is the top money maker of all internet commerce. I know, now we’re edging close to the money versus Yoga topic. But the reality is, how are you going to afford that plane ticket to the “remote surf beach” anyway, right? We’ll be discussing this and more Sunday afternoon at Ozark Mountain Yoga. You don’t have to be a teacher! If you’re even slightly interested in the roles of Yoga in our ever changing world, this free event will be worth your time. Read more about this event below and we’ll see you there…

A free afternoon of professional development for yoga teachers, trainees or anyone interested learning more about opportunities and resources available for careers in or related to Yoga. As we approach graduation for this round of teacher training at OMY we are focusing on developing our niche, continued opportunities to learn, teach and developing resources for those looking for our services. This includes open discussions, the role of the Yoga Alliance and other professional organizations, insurance and contracts, opportunities abroad, and even social media.

With all of this in mind we’re going to poke a little fun at the yoga industry and finish up the afternoon with a “Yoga Poser Party!” Come and get a free picture of you in a yoga pose or maybe just a good headshot for your bio or social media profile. I know, I know, many people really don’t like this necessary aspect of the yoga business and admittedly many have taken it to extremes and made yoga appear inaccessible to a lot of people. Yup, those are the real “Yoga Posers” and not what we’re doing here. We’re going to have fun and let our genuine selves show with the support and encouragement of our peers. As you can easily imagine, a casual smile or a pic of you interacting with someone in a discussion can often have more impact on a potential student than you doing a wildly advanced yoga pose, right? So let’s have some fun!


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Bill Lynch, MEd, ERYT-500, C-IAYT is a husband, father and Yoga teacher living in Springfield, Missouri. He offers classes, workshops, retreats and Yoga teacher training from his home studio, Ozark Mountain Yoga.

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